NEW ~ Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Kourtney is pleased to announce that she is "Manual Lymphatic Drainage" certified (Vodder certified).  In addition to this therapy Kourtney is "Juzo Certified Fitter" to help you with your garment needs.

Treatments Offereed

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy  is a special massage technique that uses circular and spiral shaped movements.  The strokes involve gentle skin-to-skin contact resulting in the skin being moved over the underlying tissue and aid in drainage of tissues.  It is effective in treating pre and post plastic or orthopedic surgery, inflammatory conditions and lymphedema.  MLD is very effective in countering the boy's natural inflammatory response following soft tissue trauma.

Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage involves postural assessment to identify muscle imbalances.  Imbalances can be caused by tight or weak muscles, fascia tension or bone misalignment.  An assessment may involve checking leg length, spine and hip alignment, range of motion and asking about your general activity.  Remedial massage has more of a focus on helping specific problems such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, decreased flexibility & injuries.

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage is a variation of classic massage therapy where heated, flat stones are placed in key points of the body relaxing muscles and allowing the therapist to get to the deeper muscles.  These hot stones combined with a full  body massage have a very calming/relaxing affect.  The hot stones expand blood vessels which increases blood flow throughout the body.  This helps to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress & promote deep relaxation.  Hot stone therapy can provide relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel & insomnia..

Relaxational Massage


Relaxation Massage is a smooth, gentle style of massage designed to improve circulation, range of movement, relief of minor muscle pain and promote overall relaxation.  The primary purpose will be to help you relax by moving at a slower pace and using light pressure.  There is less emphasis on working out serious adhesion or knots and a lot of health benefits to this type of massage that include calming the nervous system, improve blood circulation and stimulate the body's lymphatic system which carries away waste products.  ​

Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy Massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints.  Its a popular complementary therapy during pregnancy for back pain, when choices for pain relief such as medication are often limited.  Not only can massage be physically beneficial, but the human touch can be comforting and provide emotional support during pregnancy.  Massage therapy has been found to reduce anxiety and depression.

Infant Massage


Infant Massage is also commonly referred to as 'baby bonding'.  Baby bonding is vital even after the few seconds after baby is born.  They are comforted by the sound of Mom and Dad's voice.  Skin stimulation after baby is born is important because it helps stimulate nerves and helps release a growth hormone.  A baby's first sense of communication is skin stimulation.

Labour & Delivery Massage


Infant Massage is where we 'work together' as a team to try and make things as smooth and as comfortable for mom as possible.  There are many techniques to help kick start labour, turn baby in to a different position if baby is 'stuck'.  If labour is stalled we can try to help move it along again.  It is important to work together with Dad as well to ensure he enjoys this experience.

Seated Massage


Seated Massage may be the answer for those who are less mobile to help improve circulation as well as range of motion.

Young Living Oil Distributor


I have a wide variety of Young Living Essential Oils on hand.

Your appointment is a learning experience that requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific needs that will get you feeling back to yourself.  Get in touch with me today to see how we can create a personal plan for your specific needs. 

Kourtney Olsson ~ RMT:  Kourtney brings 6 yrs experience with techniques in therapeutic, hot stone, pregnancy, infant, labour & delivery - specializing in Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder certified). 

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